Why is Everyone Talking About Ear Seeds?

#earseedsIn an ever expanding health and wellness industry, it can be tough to keep up with the latest tips and tricks. But what about the ancient ones? We have recently witnessed an explosion in the use of an age old Chinese practice. No, we’re not talking about the Samurai style man- bun, we are talking about those tiny things you’re seeing on people’s ears. Those aren’t oddly placed ear rings you’ve been noticing, they are Ear Seeds! Ear Seeds are used for health and wellness. Although cosmetically appealing versions of Ear Seeds are available, beauty isn’t their primary function. Whether using 24 karat gold versions of Ear Seeds or the traditional Vaccaria Seeds found on the herbal flower of the same name, their purpose is relief. Ear Seeds are nothing new to this world but their use is making a dramatic comeback. Traditional Chinese Medicine has used Ear Seeds for centuries.


Drug Free Alternative Relief

Most people suffer from some combination of pain, aches, anxiety, depression, migraines, infertility, insomnia, weight gain, addiction or any number of other ailments from which they seek relief. There is however a growing resistance to pharmaceutical solutions. Many are seeking to avoid surgeries, opioids or other lifelong medication regimens and find drug free options. Some have already tried and exhausted various forms of therapy leaving them disillusioned and still experiencing symptoms. Ear Seeds employ an ancient form of acupressure therapy called auriculotherapy. Acupressure is different from acupuncture. Acupressure utilizes strategic pressure points from the outside of the body whereas acupuncture uses needles and actually penetrates the skin.


Easy to Use and Non-Invasive

Ear seeds are proving a highly popular and effective form of acupressure due to the high concentration of “pathways” or meridians found in the ear. There are believed to be pressure points found in strategic locations in the ear that can trigger or manipulate nearly every part of the human body. The ear is a particularly desirable location for acupressure due to it’s accessibility throughout the day. Westerners are learning the art of Ear Seeding and the DIY spirit is co-opting this ancient Chinese practice.


Symptoms and Maladies Treated with Ear Seeds Might Include

Back pain, Migraines, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Stress, Addiction, Overeating/Weight gain, Infertility, Other body aches and pains. How to Use Ear Seeds: Ear Seeds are placed based on ancient mapping of the ear. Professional acupuncturists use this mapping technique to position the seeds. Careful placement will determine what malady the seed will treat. Do not place the seeds inside of the ear canal! Seeds should be placed in appropriate locations on the “dish” of the ear and surrounding lobe area. The tiny Ear Seed is held in place with invisible glue. This is why they can take on the appearance of ear rings. It might be advisable to enlist a professional practitioner initially. They can help determine placement and show the patient how to attach and use the Ear Seeds themselves. Once the seed is glued in place it is ready to use! Having the Ear Seed in place, the patient can use their fingers to gently squeeze and activate the pressure point the seed sits on. This can be repeated throughout the day as directed by a practitioner or as desired for relief. The Ear Seeds stay on for days at a time and can withstand showers, swimming, and headphones with no trouble. The seeds will fall off naturally over time or can be removed using tweezers if desired.


Who Should Try Ear Seeds

As information has become more accessible, western culture is becoming more leery of the risks inherent in western medicine. For some, western options have been exhausted leaving no choice but to seek alternative methods. Many are finding what they seek through the use of Ear Seeds. Exploring the use of this age old remedy is non-committal, carries very low risk, and is incredibly affordable. If someone you know is suffering, what is the harm in trying a solution that’s worked for centuries? Perhaps sharing this article will help.



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