Jessi Maiolo


Jessica Lynn has worked in the fitness-related field for over 15 years. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreational Therapy Specializing in Adaptive Fitness and Special Needs. Over the years, she has gained tremendous knowledge focused on health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. Jessica has also held various positions in the healthcare scene, working with patients with different health cases, and providing care. With such experience, she understands how to work compassionately with individuals and create a safe space for them to grow. Her therapeutic skills and knowledge, coupled with her passion for seeing people thrive, makes helping them easier.

Jessica was the first and only female to win Best Divisional Move of the Event NXL 2016 and also a one-time National Women’s Team USA Champion 2018. She is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, CPR/First Aid Certified, CAN Certified, and a Licensed Recreational Therapist. As a fitness enthusiast herself, Jessica has developed a remarkable physique and stamina to push these individuals. She understands the need for individuals to maintain a healthy fitness lifestyle. For this reason, she not only delivers more value to them but also ensures that they reach their desired fitness goals. Working with people remains a pivotal part of her professional and personal growth. While helping these individuals evolve, she employs an inspired approach that will help them stay consistent and committed to these endeavors. Alongside her numerous roles, she works with them to solve the challenges of time management, food management, and recording, and even introduce them to effective fitness routines. Jessica finds her work to be incredibly rewarding as she assists individuals in maximizing their potentials and propel them to adopt a healthier lifestyle for themselves. She enjoys her job and derives great joy in helping people stay active and make healthy decisions.