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Meet Our Team

Fit-In-15 is led by a team of fitness experts and co-founders. Jelani Ingram MD, Antonio Rozier MD, and Osman Carroll "O" have experience in the personal training and medical industry and offer Fit-In-15 members their knowledge through daily fitness routines and programs. Each of our weight loss plans and daily exercises is also backed by U.S. Trained Physicians. Based on proven nutritional and physical fitness strategies, our fitness programs deliver long-term results.



Why an Online Fitness Community & Why 15 Minutes?


After an uphill battle fighting obesity, diabetes and hypertension in their patients, the Medical Doctors behind Fit-In-15 decided to dig further to see why their patients couldn’t lose weight. What they discovered surprised them. Most of their patients were using outdated medical knowledge to make fitness and nutritional decisions. Together, they decided to create an online fitness community to leverage their knowledge to change the way people approached health and fitness.

Today, Fit-In-15 is determined to make personal training and physical fitness attainable for people everywhere. Why is 15 minutes of daily exercise the magic number? Multiple scientific studies show that 13 minutes of daily exercise is needed to maintain health. The Medical Doctors behind the creation of Fit-In-15 used this knowledge as the basis of our fitness programs.



Why Get Fit with Fit-N-15?


You want to get fit and we want to help you. Our focus is to provide sustainable and up-to-date health and fitness information every single day. Instead of getting nowhere with unreliable fitness information, you can trust our programs to deliver real results, when you commit to them. Weight loss is attainable in as little as 15 minutes per day. Let us show you how.


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Research-Backed Knowledge Base

We believe science holds the answers to physical fitness. We deliver that knowledge to our members through daily fitness videos, resources, and newsletters.

Programs that Work

Our customers get real results without the hassle of hiring a personal trainer or an online fitness coach.

Affordably Priced

We are committed to making premium fitness knowledge affordable. Our membership packages are reasonably priced for equal accessibility.

Values that Drive Us


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Customer Commitment 

We are committed to making a positive difference in your life with our curated fitness community. 


No product makes it into our fitness community without thorough vetting by our team of Medical Doctors and personal trainers. You can trust our products to deliver premium value. 


We value the people we serve and their ever-changing quest for optimum health. 

Will To Win

We strive to be the best online fitness community available by continually improving our services. 

Personal Accountability 

We hold ourselves personally accountable to deliver the results we promise.